May the pinball gods have mercy on us!

May the pinball gods have mercy on us!

From the twisted minds at SyFy and Williams comes … SHARKWIND!

It’s most dangerous pinball license EVER! What’s going to come out of that topper with the fan embedded in it? Pure TERROR, that’s what! I DARE you to lock balls when there are high speed sharks flying at you from overhead. The storm is coming … to BITE YOUR FACE OFF!

“We’re not making any money with pinball, so we just don’t give a crap anymore! Before we sell our souls to churning out slot machines, let’s show them what happens when the shark hits the fan!”

— former executive at Williams/WMS

“Players will be ‘chomping at the bit’ to play this game!”

— Replay Magazine

“Sink your teeth into some increased earnings at your location!”


“I’m too SCARED to even TRY a post pass!”

— high-ranked tournament pinball player

(The preceding was a parody of SyFy’s Sharknado, Williams’ Whirlwind, and corny pinball promotional flyers. I trust that you knew that.)