When you’re playing Pinball FX2 VR, you’re treated to an excellent experience that goes beyond simple tables in virtual reality. The game’s main menu has you standing in an exquisite apartment with a gorgeous view.

As you look around, you can access your hub via the television in the apartment. Three tables are placed in your immediate view that can be swapped out for any combination of the tables you own. Simply looking at one and pressing “X” allows you to jump into a game.

Now, Zen Studios could have easily just had you stand over a table in VR and call it a day, but they went the extra mile here. Each table brings with it a unique change to your environment. For Secrets of the Deep, you’ll be standing underwater and playing pinball as sharks and sea life swim all around you. For Wild West Rampage, you’ll see a cowgirl standing to your right as a steam train runs along a path around you.You can look around and see how your apartment has changed to fit each table, and the environment itself will react to certain events in your game. For example, when I lost a ball in Secrets of the Deep, I saw a larger version of it descend next to me and a shark came swimming by to swallow it.


Source: Pinball FX2 VR Review – Pinball Nirvana