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Hey, Pinball Magazine fans! Don’t forget to check out Pinball Magazine #3 to see if you want to get it. Especially if you happen to have issues 1 and 2. This magazine is even more like a book than the last two since it’s 260 pages(!).

Actually here are the specs:

Pinball Magazine No. 3 is finally here! With 260 pages even bigger than Pinball Magazine No. 2!

Pinball Magazine No. 3 contents:

  • 260 glossy full color pages (it’s more like a book…)

  • Almost everything there is to know about KISS-themed pinball machines (total KISS-related content is about 88 pages)

  • Former pinball designer Jim Patla discusses his entire career at Bally Pinball, including lots of new details on his 1979 KISS pinball design as well as other games

  • Former Bally Marketing and Licensing Director Tom Nieman talks about his years at Bally, inventing the licensing model, lots of details on Bally’s KISS marketing campaigns and much more

  • Pinball artist Kevin O’Connor discusses his years and games at Bally, including the artwork he did for KISS and lots more. This article features unique sketches and artwork!

  • Stern’s Director of Marketing and Licencing Jody Dankberg discusses their current KISS game

  • Stern Pinball designer John Borg discusses his new KISS design

  • 9-page pinball review of Stern’s KISS by Pinball News

  • 2 Bally KISS restoration features

  • Very rare Gene Simmons painting from 1982 by a well-known pinball artist

  • Barenaked Ladies leadsinger Ed Robertson talks about his pinball passion

  • The French Connection: four articles on French manufacturers of replacement printed circuit boards that will enhance your game

  • Showtime: Festi’Flip, Europe’s biggest pinball show

  • Museum: Freddy’s Pinball Paradise, location to play and game distributor

  • Plus articles on Jersey Jack Pinball (USA), Project Pinball Charity (USA), Pinball Creative (U.K.), Pinball Dreams (Germany), Pavlov Pinball (U.K.), Who’s Working On What?, Show Diary,and lots more

If you are ready to continue your collection of high-quality pinball publications, go to and get that order in so the shipments can go out. Really, I want the next shipment to go out because I ordered one too, which I don’t think is too surprising.

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