Pinball mastery on timeshock.

What if more pinball machines had credits when you “beat” them? Sure, you can’t “beat” an arcade style pinball game, really. How about credits after you beat the major wizard mode in the game?

I still remember shedding a tear when I did this … once, back in the day. It’s the music that hits me.

(How is that physical version of the game coming along?)

Spoilers for the (almost) end of the game. There is one more thing that happens after the “end” as a fun event for the master player. No, I am not spoiling that, but it’s better than “Saving the President” again.

From Pinballwiz45b:

The very reason why this game is so amazing. Running on MAXED settings, all meant to serve as a test for that night. Recorded live at

Thanks to Barnstorm Games!