So let’s see what we have here on the scorecard so far (as I reach for my tinfoil hat):

Head 2 Head Pinball Podcast announcing they are stopping their show:

Head2Head won’t be returning after 2 and a half amazing years of providing pinball podcast content.

It’s been an awesome journey and we never thought that a podcast originally produced for the Australian scene would grow to be the world wide phenomena it became. We got to speak to the biggest names in pinball, saw some of the best new pinball releases in pinball history, covered tournaments from around the world and generally just had a laugh.

Source: Head 2 Head Pinball

Pinball Supernova going on hiatus:

Today I will be putting away my keyboard and video camera for the last time as the pinball hobby moves on.  Unfortunately I will not be posting daily pinball content on the Pinball Supernova social media sites going forward.  Thank you to everyone who has visited Pinball Supernova and the media channels throughout the six years of being online.

Source: Pinball Supernova

Special When Lit halting their podcast:

After months of careful consideration the decision has been made to end this chapter in our lives. That said, the final show (episode 90) of SWL will air on February 4th of 2020. Please join us as we gradually shut it down over the next few weeks and celebrate some of the best times of our pinball lives!

We would like to invite you all to take part in celebrating the good times (more info to come). Thank you so much, Pinball Land!

Source: Special When Lit on Facebook

This Week in Pinball Podcast

TWiP with a somber opening to their newest show:

Source: The Curtain Call:

Well … after careful consideration … my tinfoil hat is securely fastened … as I wait for further intriguing developments.

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