Me before listening to Pinball Profile 209:
“It must have been a spicy meatball if Jeff Teolis felt the need to put pre-qualifying statements in the description of the podcast.”

Me after listening to Pinball Profile 209:
“Well, I just finished listening to David pre-acquit himself and MyBookie of pre-crimes yet to be alleged by naysayers, and do  so quite comfortably. Either David has addressed this before for other sports scenes, or Jeff Teolis’ audio magic makes yet another interview sound really good. Why not both? This podcast might change some minds … or not.”


From the Episode description:

NEW! Ep. 209. & gambling on pinball. We hear from on how this started, why it was created, and many other questions.

Please note (as is the case for ALL Pinball Profile episodes). Pinball Profile does not necessarily agree or endorse any topic or guest of each show. These are provided to give examples of different aspects of all things pinball.

If you have a problem with gambling, there are many sites to assist you including:

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