Look! This topic on Pinside right here is cool! Keep track of the journey to convert a Kings of Steel machine into one based on Minecraft.

Hey everyone… My name is Brian and my son is Connor (age: 9)

We have been in the pinball hobby for many years, most of you will recognize me from the pinball tournament scene. I ran the P3 tournaments and NPL tournaments for many years. Since having a family I haven’t had the time to run tournaments anymore, but I have still be active in the pinball scene. You can usually find me at the Railroad Street Bar and Grill in a pinball league or hanging out down at the Pinball Gallery in Malvern.

Now onto the project! My son got very interested in the top of a home made pinball machine after watching the adventures of Ben Heck with AMH and after visiting the Pinball Gallery and seeing Total Nuclear Annihilation. After telling him the story and showing him the prototype videos he was very interested in making a pinball machine of his very own. So I started thinking of options.

Luckily we had a Kings of Steel sitting around which was not in very good shape. Destined to be sold or parted out, instead we would use it as a great base for a new machine.

To make the first project easier, we have decided to keep most of the basic layout and mechs but we wanted to make some tweaks to make the game play faster and be more fun.

But First we needed a theme! My son had gotten into Minecraft and loved the building aspect of the game. So we decided to make a new pinball machine based loosely on the themes of Minecraft and came up with the name Pincraft which is to have all original content.

See more here =>: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pincraft-a-homebrew-pinball-story#post-4312626

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