Matt shared some measured and worthwhile comments about the new game, “Dialed IN!” on the Fun With Bonus Facebook Page, that I wanted to share here on the main site. Thanks, Matt for liking the Facebook Page and contributing!

Note that my response is at the bottom, because I made some proofreading edits. So, the chronology is all broken. By the way, INB4 someone calls me a shill for Jersey Jack Pinball and “Dialed IN!”. Just as he didn’t want to seem to negative on the game, I didn’t want to seem too positive about it yet, either. The game was just released, and it’s not complete yet.

I’m looking forward to Saturday’s LIVE stream of the game from Buffalo Pinball. I hope you all stop by to watch more of the game in action. I also hope it spawns more good conversation about the game and its features.


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