Pinball Olympics in full effect at Replay FX.

OK. Steady. Steady. Don’t move. Or breathe. Well, you have to breathe at some point, but don’t move ’cause you will tilt.

Well, somehow you have to move, and flip and nudge while not moving. Good luck with that.


From ImotoArcade:

I really enjoyed the overall vibe of this event and in between the “real work” I was doing there this year, I snagged a fun video showcasing the Pinball Olympics. Imagine standard pinball machines with some absolutely ridiculous twist that affects your gameplay. It was wild and fun, so I hope you enjoy video! (I believe it’ll be at Replay FX next year too, so mark your calendars!)

Background music: Prainbork “Baby Food Head”
Available for download:
(I do the Baby Food Head monster voices…just sayin ^_^)