In Brooklyn, the Laundromat-as-Hangout

The Wall Street Journal features Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn, New York. Home to one of the best on-route collections in the city. The laundromat may soon have a bar as well, which would make it the only laundromat in the city that legally serves alcohol.

“For years I’ve had a dream of having a pinball venue,” Mr. [Peter] Rose said, his dogs Chai and Choco, both wearing Louis Vuitton collars, at his feet. “I really want it to be a pinball place that serves beer, as opposed to a bar that has pinball.”



Catwalk beauties

Pinball machines at a fashion show, in Paris? What will they think of next?

“… At least five to six pins were placed all around the room, in close contact to the catwalk and the audience, as an important component of the event.”

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