If I were to be #BannedByStern, that would be funny. I would make sure to be “professionally outraged”. Not real outrage though. I’m talking about that Al Sharpton, “I am outraged!” type of professional outrage. Maybe I’ve been banned and then un-banned without even knowing it. My tinfoil hat is equipped and ready for the conspiracy.

If Stern banned a journalist like Martin from Pinball News for asking questions about game prices, they could certainly ban an insignificant aggregator like me without a second thought. I’m just a pinball fan and a customer like many of you.

Is this “Jersey Boy” getting too Jersey Jack focused lately? I’ll just think back to the fun times we had when Pinball Done Quick broadcasted 2 Stern Star Trek pinball machines for 10,000+ viewers, LIVE at 3:00 AM, for competitive pinball speedrun action. That was an experience.

Not to mention the hour livestream of the Alien Launch Party, from Heighway Pinball. That was a thing.

Plus, I do own a new Stern Game of Thrones Premium pinball machine from Pinball Expo … that I still haven’t opened yet. ^_^

I think I would qualify as “platform agnostic”.

That reminds me. I need to get a post scheduled for my Jersey Jack “Dialed IN!” Q&A session shakycam livestream from Expo. You can hear the audio version of it on Pinball News’ Pinball Expo 2016 feature. Hey, I didn’t go to the Epic Party thing. Instead, I had the privilege of talking with people like Keith Johnson and David Thiel about pinball after the Dialed IN! pizza party. I think I made a good decision. Pinball conversation with free deep dish pizza is always a good decision.

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