The Bro, do you even pinball team joins the podcast. When will the podcast challenge happen? Who will stream it? (probably the Bro Team) Will they challenge your friends for points in the upcoming 2018 system?

Not for ranking points. Rating points. That’s an important distinction.

And, it’s not like you are betting points, it’s based on the already existing Glicko system.

Nick Lane and Kevin Manne from the Bro, do you even talk pinball? podcast join us this week to talk some pinball.

-The Birth of Buffalo Pinball
-Gameroom Lineups
-The Buffalo Open
-The Catskill Classic
-Allentown Approaching
-A Piece of News
-Alien LE Artwork
-JJP Ready to get Dialed In
-Bursting at the Seams
-A Dollar for IFPA?
-Challenge Your Friends for Points
-Two Vikings are Better than One
-The Mod Reversal Club
-Games to Like, Games to Hate
-Challenging the Bro Crew

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