See a Craigslist deal get found, sought after, chased and die all in one show.

Also, Stern’s Indiana Jones is the UNO Draw Four Wild card of bad games.

Are you able to honestly argue on the side of your opponent and still hold your position? I like Twilight Zone so much that I can help Bruce with more reasons why this game deserves demerits and still have it as my second favorite game. I can do that with my #1 favorite (Stern’s Spider-man) as well. That’s how much I like those two games.

-Batman 66
-Cactus Canyon remake?
-Project Updates
-Nine Ball is a PITA!!
-Plug Time/Listener Email
-Games to Like, Games to Hate
-Quicksilver For Sale-Too Slow!!
-Pinball Life Party
-Upcoming Tournaments

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