This princess is not in another castle. She’s over here, winning tournaments!

Well, I guess she could be in Another Castle. There’s pinball there.

Episode 39 is up. Check it out!!

Posted by Slam Tilt Podcast on Thursday, April 20, 2017

I wonder how Stephanie would novelize pinball rules. I would like to see that. I mean just think about what you have to do in BOSS mode in The Sopranos by Stern. In one multiball, you have to eat all the food to win the food fight, bury somebody in the Meadowlands, hijack a truck on the way from the Meadowlands back to your boat, have sexual relations on said boat, go to your strip club after that to check up on business, then kill one of your associates, do a mission to prove that you can earn and then blow up the toughest safe ever to become the BOSS.

That just sounds like the fever dream of a mob boss … like the fish fever dream. If you want to assure your ascension to BOSS, you had better have a few dreams about fishes to avoid sleeping with them. It’s like a season’s worth of episodes all wrapped up into one, pressure-filled ball.

By the way, Double Super Failpots to both Bruce and Ron for not getting Stephanie’s phoenix down joke. FAIL!

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