First, I thought it was April Fools Day for a half of a second when Stern announced AC/DC Luci and I went to go find out who this “Luci” was and found nothing… except links to Stern’s “AC/DC Luci”.

Yeah, sure. Luci = Lucifer, I understand the reference they are going for. But I had figured they would have made a “Rosie” game since that actually makes sense. Wouldn’t that make sense Kirk and McCoy?

They agree that "Rosie" would have made more sense.

They agree that “Rosie” would have made more sense.

So then, this trailer happens:

What? You expected gameplay? Silly rabbit. Now, I don’t visit Pinside very often but I imagine the reaction went a little something like this: (Note that the video below is based off of YouTube comments reactions from an entirely different trailer, but I don’t care.)

So immediately after watching the trailer I’m thinking, “OK, 50 years of Mustang right? OK, they are going to take the Corvette game because that had a lot of cars in it showing the history of Corvette. Then, take the shifter and some sort of supercharger/NOS thing from The Getaway, strap Mustang stuff all over it, sell it for $7,999.00 and DONE! Call it a freakin’ day!*

I KNOW RIGHT?! Pure evil and GENIUS!

Pure, unadulterated genius!

Pure, unadulterated genius!

So EFF Walking Dead or Motley Crue or Hunger Games or Led Zepplin or whatever other license rumors. We’ve got Ford! Woo hoo! Fine, just let there be decent code or the fans will be like this:

Stitch just wants to play good code.

Stitch just wants to play good code.

*(Please, let NONE of this happen…)


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