Francesco (l. – 3rd), Sanjay (c. – 2nd), Steve Z (r. – 1st)

Steve Zahler wins the Spring 2013 Jersey Pinball Association PinGolf Championship. His ACE on The Shadow, the very first game of the Final, set the tone for the match and helped him to hold off a late charge by Sanjay.

Below are the full results including the PinGolf Final score sheet. Thanks to The IFPA for WPPR-izing the event and to PAPA for offering a PAPA 16 division entry to the first and second place winners.

Thank you for playing in the ninth season of the
Jersey Pinball Association PinGolf Tournament.



1st Place – Steven Zahler

Wins One PAPA 16 Division Entry and a cash prize of:

2nd Place – Sanjay Shah

Wins One PAPA 16 Division Entry and a cash prize of:

3rd Place – Francesco La Rocca

Wins a cash prize of:

Click this folder for the complete standings [PDF]

Click this folder for the PinGolf Final score sheet [PDF]

The Standings

1st Place – Steven Zahler – 11+17=28

2nd Place – Sanjay Shah – 09+20=29

3rd Place – Francesco La Rocca – 12+23+=34+

4th Place – Kevin Smigel – 14

4th Place – Paul Drabik – 14

6th Place – Ed Zeltmann – 15

7th Place – Frank Romero – 16

8th Place – Steven Bowden – 18

9th Place – Michael Pucciarelli – 19

9th Place – Koi Morris – 19

11th Place – Joshua Senzer – 21

12th Place – Jody Jodon – 22

13th Place – Scott D’Agostino – 28

13th Place – Jason Zahler – 28

15th Place – Jay Steinberg – 32