2013 Northwest Pinball Championships Day 3

3rd Place Winner, Escher Lefkoff (left) and Adam Lefkoff

3rd Place Winner, Escher Lefkoff (left) and Adam Lefkoff

Congratulations to Zach Sharpe who swept both the Open and Classics divisions at the 2013 Northwest Pinball Championships. Joshua Henderson finished second. Escher Lefkoff finished third. Bob Matthews finished fourth in both the Open and Classics divisions.

Eden Stamm received the Pinball Ambassador award from Cayle George at the awards ceremony.

Here is the gallery of the pictures I took after I was eliminated and before the battery on my cell phone ran out.

This tournament taught me that I need to learn to predict “the moment” before I am about to drain a second before “the moment” actually happens. Because with tilt settings that tight and with outlanes that open, missing that moment meant I got to see the ball take a nice arc off of the slingshots and down the outlanes far too often. Many times there was nothing I could do about it because “the moment” had passed and it was too late.

Oh well, at least I qualified. Onward to Pin-Maine-ia!

RARE! 4 points advances to the Final without a tiebreaker!

Also, we saw a rare occurrence where two players who had 4 points in the Semi-Final advanced to the Final without a tiebreaker.

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