Respect to Fred Richardson (2016 Pinball Expo Classics Champion) who is instrumental in the implementation of this exciting arcade venture. Congratulations and I wish you huge success … and profits!

Co-founder Shripal Morakhia has spent $12 million to build Smaaash, a 40,000-square-foot attraction opening on Tuesday with a multilevel go-cart track, virtual reality and video games and a restaurant and bar.

The venture represents one of the largest investments ever made by a company inside the mall and means that the mall’s fourth floor — its top and least-visited floor, which has seen many ventures come and go — is fully leased for the first time in years.

Morakhia opened the first Smaaash in Mumbai in 2012 and has since built five more in malls in India. The Mall of America is his first U.S. location for Smaaash and he committed to it by signing a nine-year lease.

Source: Smaaash, an arcade on steroids, will open at the Mall of America on Tuesday | Star Tribune