From Melissa Marquette:

We are starting a GoFundMe me to assist Ed, Kim and the TPF crew to help assist with the expenses they incurred and are not able to recoup due to the unforeseen circumstances of this events cancellation.  

As we all know, this group of people and TPF is very important to the pinball industry and community, and have helped all of us grow our business by putting on an amazing pinball show year after year.  Not only is this one of the best shows, but every year it continues to grow and attract new people to our wonderful world.

It would be a huge impact on all of us that look forward to this show if they could not recover from this loss.

Ed, Kim and crew go above and beyond for each and everyone of us trying to make sure the show is the best and that everyone who attends is 100% satisfied.

Let’s show them some love right back and help with some of these costs.




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