Wilder Hamm posted a video showing significant progress on the Gladiators/Legend of Zelda build. 

Video description:

Alrighty gang, this video is long for sure but shows off a lot of modes 4, 5 and the final 6th mode(but not too much). Mode 4 is the lost woods, at the beginning of the video we miss the instructions that declare the music volume increases with correct shots hit, no inserts lit for this mode. Mode 5, the Darkworld is the longest and hardest mode of the game. Many dungeons with more and more shots to complete. Before mode 6 mode 5.5 is available if you hit the right shot. It takes you to the shop where you spend score to buy items you missed along the way. Item completion works toward how many balls, and how long your ball save is the for final mode. Squashed a lotta bugs today but many still exist. Enjoy!

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