Jim Jefferies talks pinball on The Nerdist Podcast

Starts at 57:35 to get to the pinball-relevant part of the conversation.

Quick topics covered:

Jim’s games that he owns – Betraying STERN? – What’s good, what isn’t good, machines they like – The Pinball Hall of Fame and the Playboy Bunny/8-Ball story – The Terminator 2 machine was better than Terminator 3 -Special When Lit documentary – Star Wars sucked so bad that it killed pinball (Star Wars Pinball 2000)

What if you could design a pinball machine? – Wizard of Oz – Simpsons Pinball Party – Good Multiballs vs. SEGA Multiballs – His Spider-man score and Super Hero mode – Tilt – Pinball Documentary – Pinball repair – Pinball is a social game – Jeri Ellsworth

Thanks to Bryan Doull for the link.