Multimorphic announces that the P3 is officially in production. Below are a couple of excerpts from the post. I haven’t been able to embed it properly, so check out the rest of the post at the link below for the facebook likes and comments. The actual retail price of that showcase is going to be $9,875.00 + tax and shipping.

(From the post on Facebook)
Multimorphic Public Update – January 2017
The last couple of months have seen Multimorphic reach a number of major milestones:
  • All 2800+ parts for the first set of production P3s are on order, with some still being fabricated and others in-house and verified.
  • We’ve selected and begun working with a contract manufacturing partner for P3 production.
  • A bunch of patents have been granted on our core technologies, including all of our most revolutionary features.
  • We’ve added a significant number of features to our software development kit and game framework.
  • We’re in trials with some web-based tools that will help us support both current and future customers.
  • The specs for the P3’s computer system are locked in.

We are officially in production! For the last couple of months, we’ve been dedicating significant resources to supply chain management. With all of the parts on order or already received, we’re turning some of our attention to helping our manufacturing partners successfully produce P3 machines.

We will soon be reaching out individually to more of you on the pre-order list. We’re locking each of you in to a final price of $9875 (plus applicable tax and shipping charges). Those of you who signed up during the 5 game promotion will receive 5 games for that price (Lexy LightspeedEscape From Earth, Lexy Lightspeed – Secret Agent Showdown, Cannon Lagoon, ROCs, and Barnyard). If you’re interested in a payment plan, we’ll be outlining a payment schedule in the email.

Again, check out the rest of the post here for more information:

Congratulations Gerry Stellenberg and P3 Multimorphic!

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