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Pinball still finds itself among some strange laws.

In South Carolina:

– It’s illegal to seduce a woman in South Carolina by promising to marry her afterward. The man won’t be convicted, however, based on only the woman’s testimony or if it can be established that she was “lewd and unchaste” at the time of the seduction.

– It is unlawful for someone under 18 to play a pinball machine.

– Operating “a public dancing hall” on Sundays is illegal.

– Fornicating is against the law. The crime of “habitual carnal intercourse” between unmarried people could come with a $500 fine. The same goes for adultery.

State Rep. Stephen Goldfinch is seeking to repeal some of these laws, including the pinball thing.

Read more at the Savanna Morning News.

(H/T: The Pinball Narcissist)

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