It’s Classic Game Room’s review of Supersonic by Bally.

I must have something wrong with my embed of this video. Not one tap pass occurs during this whole thing. When you finally get that spinner lit, the tap pass is what allows you to get the ball from the right to the left spinner. Then you want to slam the crap out of the spinner so solidly that the game needs to catch up to show you the amount of points you’ve just scored.

Supersonic is basically “Tap Pass: Airplane Edition” along with Harlem Globetrotters which is “Tap Pass: Basketball Edition” and Paragon which is “Tap Pass: Mythology Edition.” Since my tap passing abilities leave much to be desired, these three games get on my nerves, even though I enjoy them.

By the way, let’s not forget Frontier which is “Tap Pass: Nature Edition.”

When the tap pass works, it feels like MAGIC has happened right in front of me. When it doesn’t, I look like a flailing fool.

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