The music in TX-Sector is one of the better things to happen in a pinball game. This is not an opinion. This is an empirical fact. Classic Game Room’s review of the game raised its market value. The game was even in the A division bank in PAPA 14.

Listen to the glorious sounds!

You might say, “How can I download this masterpiece of synthetic music, so that I might have it on my iDevice?” Well, hold the phone, my friend! I’ve done a little work for you. Those who already have this can testify to the awesomeness. Those who don’t have this… you’re welcome. Prepare to enter the Disco Pinball Dimension!

Right-Click … Save As… –> TX-Sector Main Play

Significant props and respect go to ZetherKID77 who has the original video of the audio rip. He must be a Classic Game Room fan just as I am.

This music gets 5 Stars because of the Disco Pinball Dimension.