“Cash Infusion” Image by Ed Zeltmann

What going on with the pinball company almost formerly known as Heighway Pinball? Here is a Facebook post from the investors, with possibly good news.


While we have in fact been building games all the time it has – so far – been at a slow rate (the picture was taken Friday). As parts are now arriving in bigger volumes, we expect this to change shortly and will keep you posted on progress.

In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone that is patiently waiting for their games to be shipped. As soon as we can, we will reach out and let you know when you should expect your game(s) to be ready.

To those of you who have asked for a refund, most should have been contacted by now and, of those who have, many have received their refund already. Some are still to be contacted however to have your situation sorted. We believe we may have failed to get back to some of you in a timely manner, for which we do apologize, but we are trying our best. There were many payment options used previously and therefore a variety of different solutions required! It has taken a great deal of time to get on top of each one. We aim to have everybody’s situation sorted as soon as possible.

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