An ABC affiliate in Vermont covered the preparations for the State Championship, and did the ever cover it. Includes interviews with quite a few pinball players and introductory techniques on various games. Remember, read the instructions if you want to score higher. Believe us, News Anchorperson, it works!

… the Vermont State Pinball Championship. It’s less than a month away and the winner will move on to compete Nationally in Las Vegas. But gaining the right skills doesn’t come with just luck.

The trick to playing pinball, to gain the most points, is to first follow the set of instructions. These will tell you what exactly to hit and when. Usually a game will light up, those lights also indicate what to hit with the ball. It is also fair to cradle the ball down at the flipper to aim it exactly where to go. Lastly, tilting the machine helps to give the ball a little nudge, but doing it to hard can cost you all your points.







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