Congratulations VPCabs!

… Robert Herjavec said that kids do not get the same excitement as they do with online games. Robert noted that older guys like him would buy the product. Robert wished that Baker had a strategy that focused on older guys. Robert did not share the same vision so he was out. Mark Cuban tried to find a reason to say yes but said he saw a platform for gaming that was more tactful. Mark said that VP Cabs was not changing the game and that he is someone who wants to be ahead of the game. Mark was out for Baker not having a strategy.

Daymond John noted that he was raised on digital games. Daymond was willing to gamble $200,000 for 30 percent stake. Baker countered for 20 percent. Daymond went back with 25 percent and Baker agreed….

Source: VPcabs Leaves Shark Tank With $200,000 Deal After ‘Pinball’ Negotiations With Daymond John