In competition or qualifying rounds, if a player feels that a game is malfunctioning, players are to call for the help from an official. If it was determined that the game was malfunctioning, a technician arrives. Armed with an entire cart of tools, they get to work. With all the action going on around these technicians and the sense of urgency they have, one can’t help but think of a NASCAR tire change.

PAPA 20 had elements of a retailer expo, with the newest games brought in and made available to play and try out. The famous pinball manufacturer, Jersey Jack, brought out their newest game, Dialed In! The machine is an original concept, set around a city in which disasters and attacks are occurring left and right. With a built in “smart phone” that you must charge by hitting a moving target, you can dial in contacts that can help you unlock abilities within the game and solve the disasters.

Source: World-class pinball tournament returns to Pittsburgh: PAPA 20 | The Pitt Maverick