12 for 12: Stern Pinball – YouTube

Forget “30 for 30” because the attention span of the Internet is too short for that. This is “12 for 12”. Apparently they have given themselves 12 minutes to tell a compelling story. This compelling story is about Stern Pinball.

Although the current pinball resurgence is a welcomed boom, throughout its 30 years in business, Stern Pinball has stared into the abyss and faced the threat of obsolescence on more than one occasion. They deserve a lot of credit—not just for producing new games—but for keeping the entire pinball industry in-play by adhering to a simple strategy: ALWAYS CREATE FUN. The secret to their success is the reason we play; and thanks to Gary Stern and his team at Stern Pinball, more pinball wizards from around the globe are discovering the magic and allure of the silver ball.


Author: SSB

You will find me at a pinball tournament, and sometimes behind a microphone for some reason. Have more fun! Play more pinball! Support the hobby on twitter by using #pinball. Currently: Attacking Mars. BAO!

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