If you thought PAPA Championship Week was from August 10th to August 17th, you’d better check yourself. I certainly did when I noticed that two more events were added to the festivities. There are now more than a week worth of events available for players to participate.


Pre-PAPA tournament – Beaver Brewing Company
1820 7th Avenue
Beaver Falls PA 15010

Friday, August 8 at 8:00pm

Format:  A 3 strikes tournament.
Cost to enter tournament will be $10.00.

Players will receive a match against a random player on a random machine every round.
The player that loses gets a strike.
Once a player has three strikes they are eliminated from the tournament.


Pre-PAPA Tournament – Hambones
4207 Butler Street
Pittsburgh PA 15201

Saturday, August 9 at 1:00pm

Format: Not yet announced.
Visit the facebook page for more information when available.

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