Episodes 3, 4 and 5 of the Little Kings Podcast.

Ryan talks about his trip to Pinball Expo 2016. The tournament, Alien, American Pinball, VR Pinball, and the JJP reveal.

Photo by Christopher|F Photography:

Ryan talks about his impressions of Dialed In after playing it at Pinball Expo 2016.

Also thanks for the kind words. I did enjoy “Dialed IN!” and I hope I get to play it again as the game get more story and code.

Our first interview episode. Trent Augenstein, Rebecca Schleider, and Deborah Tahlman join us to chat about:

Trent’s Play of the Day
Running the Expo Tournament
What is a woodrail?
The pinball gender gap
Tilt Amusements
Boxwood Pinball
Tourneys in the early 90s
Pinball skills to acquire
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies on Metallica

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