Photo: Chicago Reader

Photo: Chicago Reader

Actually, it’s an event like many others and it happened last week. It’s just that there was a pinball machine on the line at this event.

What were they doing? Well, each of the competitors has to keep a hand on the Metallica pinball machine. The last one to take their hand off wins it. Yep. Just like those events where you keep your hand on the car until your opponents either:

  • Die
  • Are suspiciously missing
  • Drink too much alcohol
  • Have their ankles explode
  • Starve
  • Tap out to go to the bathroom
  • Annoy each other to eliminate themselves
  • Go crazy
  • Lose to you at pinball

Wait, what?! What’s with that last one? Yes, if you lasted throughout the 72-hour time limit you had to play a game of Metallica against the others who lasted the entire 72 hours. That makes sense because is for a pinball machine. It also makes sense because if there were no time limit, eventually the competitors might pursue stronger measures to obtain a Metallica pinball machine. Grave markers, indeed.

The Chicago Reader has the details on what happened at this masochistic event.


Click here for the article.

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