Stern has really got something here. Yes, it’s a mixture of about 5 different games. However, Viking is a mixture of Space Invaders, Mata Hari, Centaur, Medusa and Playboy and it’s fun. OK, that was totally a strawman or argumentum ad distractum look over there-ism, or some other logical fallacy that I can’t place because I don’t care enough.


Anyway, Aerosmith is fun. Aerosmith is what Kiss wishes it could be. I hope it gets finished. I wonder if Kiss is now “finished” because Aerosmith exists, waiting for updates, and has shoved its way to the front of the line.

“Sweet Emotion” was the most popular song played at the Launch Party. I think it’s because it has the most shots lit. At least, that’s why I picked it. YAY, STRATEGY!

Posted by Stephen Keeler on Saturday, March 18, 2017

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