arcadeheroesThis just in… arcades are NOT DEAD! But you knew that.

Arcade Heroes provides a clear refutation of the tired declaration that arcades are dead. Actually, they are “getting better”. They are not even “just resting.”

Read more here => Arcades Are So Dead That They Are Packed With Customers…Wait, What?

From Arcade Heroes

This post is serving up as a response to show what is happening in arcades today. Just the stories ran on this site should be sufficient but since they are not, let’s beat the naysayers over the head of pictures of some non-abandoned arcades from right now in 2014.

In additional to the pictures shown on their site, here are a couple more posted by Modern Pinball NYC.

Well whaddya know? Kids love it!

Well whaddya know? Kids love it!

You see that? Kids and teenages playing pinball and there is not a single redemption game in sight.

Well whaddya know? Teenagers love it!

Well whaddya know? Teenagers love it, too!

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