First of all, you are a lucky devil.

Secondly, make sure to catch Bowen Kerins, Cayle George, Todd MacCulloch and Chase Nunes at the Unicorn Theatre as they show “How to Play Pinball”. It will be on Sunday 9/1 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Hopefully, this will be live streamed like the event at PAX East was. Support them as they continue to push pinball into the mainstream. Maybe Cayle will confirm Half-Life 3. OK, maybe not…

How to Play Pinball

Playing pinball—isn’t that just flipping and flailing, hoping the ball hits some targets before it hopelessly goes down the middle? NO! World Champion Bowen Kerins and special guests will teach you how to make shots, stop the ball, and push the machine around to your advantage. Participants will play live on stage for prizes, and we’ll discuss the emerging PAPA TV effort to broadcast competitive pinball.


Bowen Kerins [Champion Pinball Player, Pro-Am Pinball Association], Cayle George [Champion Pinball Player, Valve Software], Todd MacCulloch [Tall Pinball Player], Chase Nunes [Pinball Livecaster, GeekGamer.TV & PAPA.TV]