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The Washington Post has the details on another venue to add pinball machines in the D.C. area. Joining Lyman’s Tavern, Black Cat is adding more pinball machines to a separate area of the facility dubbed “Lucky Cat.” Apparently someone forgot to hip them to the fact that pinball is a game of skill for amusement only. OK, sure… maybe the name is meant to be ironic.


Regardless, they are going to have a tournament there this Sunday. Check out the details on the Facebook event page. More machines than the ones mentioned on the Washington Post article will be added just for the tournament.

From the article:

A new game room called Lucky Cat, packed with four pinball machines, arcade games and a claw machine filled with band T-shirts and concert tickets, will debut in the club’s Food for Thought Cafe on Thanksgiving night.

Why’d they do it? “Because pinball is fun,” …

Tournament Details:

Date: Sunday November 30th, 2014
The tournament starts at 9:00 p.m.
Practice begins at 8:00 p.m.

The main tournament will be a two strikes and your out tournament. Players will randomly be put in groups of three and four and will be put on a game.
In four player groups, the bottom two will get a strike, in three player games, only the last place finisher will get a strike.
There will be a side tournament as well.

There will be no entry fee those playing in their first pinball tournament.
All other players will pay a $10 entry fee.
For those desiring to play for higher stakes, there will be an optional $20 side pot.

All monies collected for entry fees and for the side pot will be paid out.

The winners of the main tournament will be paid as follows:
First place 40%
Second place 30%
Third place 20%
Fourth place 10%

The side pot will be paid as follows:
First place 50%
Second place 30%
Third place 20%

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