The Black Knight is here! With METAL! So … LISTEN you KNAVE!

Also, STOP SAYING “WIZARD” or the Black Knight will come and seek retribution!

From the video description:

I am proud to present an all new song “Black Knight 2000 Meets Metal”! Arranged and performed by “ERock” Eric Calderone​, and executive produced by yours truly. Original sound by Brian Schmidt, Dan Forden and Steve Ritchie​.

Black Knight 2000 was released in 1989 under Williams Pinball. The game was designed by Steve Ritchie and features his voice. BK2K was the first machine by Williams to showcase their new “All Digital” sound system, and at the time this was among the most advanced sound experiences you could have in an arcade. The machines sound is so iconic that it is still regarded today as one of the best in pinball history.

Although many people have “covered” BK2K over the years on the guitar, I really wanted to take it to the next level with Eric Calderone who has 1.2 Million Subscribers on Youtube. His skills arranging iconic themes into metal have made him world famous in the metal community & beyond. I am extremely pleased with what you are about to hear.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this song, the pinball community has needed a new anthem. I am sick and tired of “Pinball Wizard” by the who. Rock on!

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