So, I finally did it. I cancelled my Gamefly membership. Why?

  1. The pinball hobby takes up most of my gaming time anyway. Any other gaming time can be used to go surfing in my backlog.
  2. No more wasting 17 bucks a month.
  3. I don’t need to have games day one.
  4. I can buy the game anyway from an Amazon sale.
  5. I can get games from Gamestop (Yeah, I know… Gamestop, but still…)
  6. Gold Box sales, holiday specials, Black Friday crazy deals.
  7. Sites like Cheap Ass Gamer.
  8. Gamefly sales aren’t bad even with the shipping costs.
  9. Humble Bundles.
  10. Indie bundles.
  11. Steam. (game, set, match — debate over!)

So, as I look at my Fallout 3 Special Lunchbox VaultBoy Whatever Edition that I haven’t even played yet, I say “Bye bye, Gamefly.” No longer will you subsist on my unnecessary monthly payment. A payment giving me the “privilege” to look at the game in the white and orange wrapper, knowing that it would not be played because I am on the way to another pinball competition.

I wonder exactly how many Gamefly members are like what I used to be — paying, but not playing. However, let me be clear. I am still a videogame player just like most people are. Saying someone is a “gamer” is like saying someone is a “movie-watcher”. Everyone does it.

However, I’d rather spend my money on something more valuable, like Amazon Prime.

The best part was Gamefly sending me not one, but two emails asking me to rejoin for $7.95. All the while touting their “improvements and features”.

So sad.

(This post is in no way sponsored by anyone mentioned in it, least of all Gamefly. But, you knew that.)