California Extreme Finals action on Metallica. TourneyCam format.


Keith Elwin
Raymond Davidson
Jim Belsito
Bowen Kerins

What a strange censoring noise for this video. It sound like a player dying in an arcade game.

Anyway, with each viewing I am able to learn just a tiny bit more about this game. The rule set of Metallica  still doesn’t seem to meld together in my brain. It seems like a few separate rules stitched together instead of a cohesive unit like AC/DC for example.

I was hoping to see something else other than the focus on bashing-the-chair strategy especially with these skilled players who would know way more about this game than I would. They are in the Finals at CAEX, after all. I am still not sure what stacks with what, and what features stack-block other features.

The hurry-up I think understand finally. It’s like Medieval Madness with less fanfare. The box/captive ball serves as the hurry up collect. Complete the row of lights on each shot to activate a hurry-up, shoot the box to collect it. I am not sure if you can stack hurry-ups is you want to risk it. I’ve seen hurry-up values get pretty high.

It’s still fun to shock the crap out of that Sparky character.

Pinside has an updated rulesheet. Maybe if I study it enough, it will make sense. But, like cramming for a college final exam, I bet I’ll forget it all once I am standing in front of the game.

PAPA.TV showed some Metallica with updated code last night on a Twitch.TV livestream test. The preceding is just a link to their profile page. The video was not saved. A notable change is the snake no longer holds the ball during Multiball. I’d expect another update to Pinside’s rulesheet to come very soon.