Eric Stone is getting a Transporter for the World Championships in November. Do not pick Transporter against Eric if you are in the World Championships.

He will most likely have already picked the game to play against you. Not just because he owns the game now, but because he owns the game every time he plays it.

Video description:

In this episode of The CaptNRetro Show! I drive all the way down to Fort Myers, Florida and meet up with local TV News Weatherman and #2 Ranked Pinball player in the world Eric Stone, to sell him my Transporter The Rescue Pinball machine so he can use it in the World Championships in November 2020…and of rained on me ..but what a place! The Pinball Asylum in Fort Myers is the place you wanna be when under lockdown!

Selling a Pinball Machine to the #2 Ranked Pinball Player on the PLANET!

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