Because the true House will bring you victories … and the false House will take them from you.

Video description:

Join us for a night on Stern Pinball’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Pro Pinball. In this stream we talk about different houses and routes to reach the Iron Throne, as well as explore other smaller strats and houses. Time stamps below 👇

-Targaryen w/introduction to main strat (0:38)
-Stark w/focus on Winter Has Come (22:00)
-Tyrell w/focus on a multiplier strat (40:00)
-Martell *baby strat with focus on getting to Blackwater MB (54:45)
-Targaryen w/attempts at playing Iron Throne (1:20:10)
-Ball one Iron Throne using Targaryen w/Player 2 (2:08:38)

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