Congratulations Robert Gagno: PAPA 19 World Pinball Champion

Roberto Gagno holds the Martian Trophy!

Roberto Gagno holds the Martian Trophy!

If you visit this site regularly, you probably saw what happened last Sunday. You might have even been there to see it all happen. But, what if you weren’t there. Tommy Skinner describes in a very well written and detailed essay, what you would have seen if you are just as enthusiastic about pinball as I am.


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Presenting: The Greatest Sporting Event of April that You Didn’t Even See!
by: Tommy Skinner

Now competitive pinball though, that is different. You have clear defined winners and losers. You are no longer just battling a machine; you are battling a machine and other players. Not just one but three as the games are played in groups of four. At the elite level you need to know these players as well as you know the machines, their strengths, their weaknesses. So many seemingly minute details become magnified on this grand stage and start to mean the difference between a championship banner hanging in the rafters, and being a footnote of history to the person’s name that is printed on that banner.



The new Pinball World Champion is CANADIAN, Robert Gagno!!!!! Wizard Mode has a new ending. #DVDExtras

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Robert Gagno is the PAPA 19 World Pinball Champion! #pinball #RetroGaming #GamersUnite #pinballlife #Arcade #PAPA19

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World Champion Robert Gagno with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies

World Champion Robert Gagno with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies

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