Go to This Week in Pinball NOW for the interview with DeepRoot Pinball.

Find out the details on the following (posted by TWiP)

  • Why they hired John Popadiuk
  • Updates on deeproot’s efforts to make Zidware customers/vendors whole
  • Information on their upcoming public announcement
  • Why deeproot Tech decided to pursue pinball as a new venture
  • What type of build quality to expect from deeproot (hint: using a car comparison, they want to build a Ferrari and sell it at KIA prices)
  • What is deeproot Pinball’s target market (hint: its you)
  • The possibility of mass producing Magic Girl, Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, and Alice in Wonderland

Hopefully, they will also tell us the differences between a “Pinball Game Designer” and a “Pinball Game Writer” and why there’s a difference of about $30,000.00 between the salaries of each career … and where is the “Pinball Game Programmer” position? Has that one already been nailed down?

… not that I am looking by the way … I’m not … not really. I mean, I would have to move to Texas and stuff in order to take the job. Plus, according to the requirements, I also kinda would need to be in the pinball design business beforehand, so … yeah.

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