Abobo Lee Bobo?  (http://mikennemonic.wikia.com)

(Little known fact: Abobo from Double Dragon’s full name is Abobo Lee Bobo Abobo Lee Bo)*
*(No, it isn’t.)

If you have heard the latest episode of Head 2 Head Pinball Podcast, you might have heard the importance I put on the sounds of the game and how they contribute to the presentation. Related to this, Pinball Undesirables did a twitch stream after installing the latest software for Stern’s Guardians of the Galaxy pinball. Part of the update included access to some of the game’s callouts.

It’s here where we get to see that the callouts do not come from the actors in the movie, but they come from soundalike voice actors. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I didn’t know how different certain callouts were when compared to the movie. I plan to see it right after I play the game for the first time.

However, thanks to Joe Zenkus and The Pinball Narcissist, I have now seen a specific clip of the movie out of context. Comparing it to what is heard in the game, it’s not even CLOSE to the same. The callout in the game even uses different gibberish words than the ones in the movie.

Here is the clip from the movie:



And now, the clip from the game.

Watch Wasp w/New GotG Code! from PinballUndesirables on www.twitch.tv
Yes, pinball fans. “Abobo Lee Bobo Abobo Lee Bo!”

Wow. If this callout is going to stay like this, I will snicker each time I hear it, until it gets old. I guess now I absolutely MUST not watch the movie until I play the game. Otherwise, I’ll just be distracted by the difference in the callouts all through the game.

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