Submitted for your analysis is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

A game famous for being simple, but deceptively so.

A game without a wizard mode, because it doesn’t need it.

A game without a long journey through a rule set.

A dangerous game of feast or famine.

The difference between playing a good game and a great one lies within your skill.

And depends on the mercifulness of that left ramp and those bumpers.

Can you build the house of three?

Can you complete all three parts of the Triforce of Multiball?

Master the Mist, Cremate the Coffin, Conquer the Castle.

Succeed, and you will challenge the high score board.

Fail, and … you are not far away from trying again.

#WheresTheCode? It’s all right here.

Do you believe in destiny?

Austin Mackert builds the Dracula Triple Stack.

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