The PAPA streaming equipment was being taken down and disassembled from their great stream of the Circuit Finals. So I decided to stream what I could of the Heads-Up Championships the following day.

It was my first time at a Heads-Up Championship event and it’s exciting. If this were expanded to a large bracket we could have pinball’s version of an EVO fighting game tournament. There were 54 people in the double elimination bracket. In each best 2 out of 3 match, the higher seed chose either the goal to get or the machine to play with the other player having the remaining choice. After that, the loser of the game had first choice between goal or machine. Most people chose to pick the goal.

It’s important to not sacrifice accuracy in favor of trying for speed, but that is what tends to happen with the added stress of a heads-up battle. Plus, the fact that every miss means you may be falling behind further in the race to the goal.


The only issue I saw here was the first round took a very long time to complete. But, that is just due to the fact the we only had 3 pairs of games to use for matches. It’s tough to get many pairs of games together for a competition like this.


I want to do this again!

I this video below, check out one of these games where a player wins by THREE FRAMES of animation!

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