5th Anniversary Gift – Fun With Bonus Remix

Welcome to Fun With Bonus Remix!

What’s that?! It’s an adjunct to the Fun With Bonus web site with the goal of curating remixes of pinball game music.

It’s a project and collaboration with @MattDibrindisi — composer, and pinball enthusiast, with possibly other remixers as well.

It can be found right up there on Soundcloud via the link at the top navigation bar, and at http://pinballremix.com.

We are just getting started, but there are tracks posted on there right now! More to be added in time.

Go check it out! I hope you follow the channel and return regularly to see if there are more tracks to hear.

Have you created a pinball remix? Let’s make it a Fun With Bonus Remix!

( I’ve got one that I need to improve before it gets posted 🙂 )

Fun With Bonus is the home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of professional and amateur pinball players.

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Author: SSB

You will find me at a pinball tournament, and sometimes behind a microphone for some reason. Have more fun! Play more pinball! Support the hobby on twitter by using #pinball. Currently: Attacking Mars. BAO!

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