Chase Nunes, and Joseph Falbey of GeekGamer.TV host a powerful interview of three top pinball professionals: Kyle Seller, Bowen Kerins and Eden Stamm.

Interesting , funny stories and good conversation abound! The last sentence is not intended to sound sarcastic. This is a great video, so watch all of it. You probably watch extended video podcasts like This Week in Tech don’t you?! Watch all of this, because it’s at least as good.

Here’s my attempt at a show timeline:

  • Introductions and the charm of pinball (0:00)
  • Is pinball a sport, a hobby, what is it? Do you care? (18:40)
  • A game of skill (22:00)
  • Pinball manufacturers (24:00)
  • Quality of machines and operating them, pinball’s resurgence, the home market (27:00)
  • Eden’s analysis of the game price explosion (30:30)
  • STERN’s The Pin 🙂  (34:30)
  • The authentic pinball experience? (38:50)
  • Who buys The Pin? (41:00)
  • Pinburgh Match Play tournament (42:30)
  • Record attendance at pinball tournaments and pinball legitimacy (46:45)
  • The Replay Foundation, the PAPA Circuit and SPONSORS?! (47:50)
  • Bigger prizes and tournament format (51:00)
  • Eden’s pinball world championship story (53:00)
  • Falbey’s financial analysis and “Pump and Dumps” (56:00)
  • Rankings systems good and bad (1:03:45)
  • Pinball tournaments versus Poker tournaments (1:05:50)
  • Pinball simulations, iPad, Zen, Pinball FX 2, Pinball Arcade (1:07:50)
  • We need the robust pinball finder app. Pinball Map’s great strides and limitations (1:12:30)
  • Attracting pinball to people (1:18:45)
  • The upside of higher pinball prices (1:20:00)
  • Bringing pinball into the mainstream (1:21:45)
  • Live-streaming? (1:24:15)
  • PAX East panel (1:25:50)
  • Final thoughts and to be continued …

By the way, the YouTube video of this 1.5 hour special does not have enough views. It must have more! WTF, YouTube?!