Maybe it’s just my ears messing with me, but is the theme for the Iron Throne in Stern’s Game of Thrones an epic style remake of the Double Knights Challenge theme from Black Knight 2000?

I haven’t been able to hear the Iron Throne music because when I get there it’s in a loud arcade with other stuff happening, and I am too excited to shoot things to listen for the music. But then I saw one of Keith Elwin’s videos on the Iron Throne and my head turned like this:

OK, here is the Double Knights Challenge music from Black Knight 2000:

And here is the Iron Throne music as demonstrated by Keith’s video:

  • Whether this is official or not, it’s part of my headcanon now. It would be kinda cool it this were a thing. As if it were an homage to fighting an evil knight from a kingdom of the past. The Black Knight from days gone by has now come to take the Iron Throne for himself. If so, I see what you did there, Stern. I am not sure what it is you did, but I see it. If you already knew this was a thing then yes, I am just noticing this now.

  • Also, how many cities, countries, territories or whatever are in Game of Thrones? Every successful shot showed a new one and it wasn’t even over. I have heard people say that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. I understand that now. I am going to need a notebook when I finally decide to power-watch this series.


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